Magical moments for the whole family are what MasterCris does best. His performances are full of surprises, involvement, and fun! Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandchild or granddaughter, pals, or any other family member, we have the perfect party for any age group. We are all children at heart!

A fast-moving and frequently exuberant magic presentation full of surprises, colourful props, music, and laughter. MasterCris’s act incorporates a lot of audience engagement, which is sure to keep the audience entertained. The whole family, friends, and coworkers will have a great time at the same time.

Do you have a family member or close friend that enjoys magic? Have you considered hiring a Davao magician to entertain your guests at an upcoming occasion, such as a birthday party? Or maybe you are a fan of magic who is organizing your own event. You’ll have a great time with MasterCris!

Observe how a simple coin trick puts a grin on a child’s face from ear to ear. Even grownups are intrigued by the mystery of how the magician is able to make items vanish from his hands. But there is nothing more exciting for a kids than playing with actual animals, so let’s do it!

If you love both comedy and magic and want to combine the two for your event, why not book the best magician in Davao? MasterCris, a comedic magician, will entertain your guests with illusions and magic tricks utilizing a variety of things, including money, balls, and cards.

Puppet presentations for adults and children are also a speciality of MasterCris. You may not have known, but puppets are a great tool for teaching kids how to sing and recite rhymes. You may be sure that they’ll not only enjoy but also learn.

He is one of the most affordable Magicians in Davao who performs unique shows such as puppet shows in Davao, magic tricks in Davao that make you forget to close your mouth, animal appearance shows that kids will surely adore, comedy magic that makes your stomach hurt from laughing, and of course, magic shows that will surely amaze you.

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