The Finally Show is Done

The Finally Show is Done

Thank u Kaayu Lord🙏
Yestesday June 11 6events
1st Show Mikos Place Davao
2nd Show Camp Catitipan
3rd Show Out Of Town Kiamba Sarangani
4th Show Maa tnx pre Frank
5th PhotoBooth Camp Catitipan
6th PhotoBooth Rendezvous
Today June 12 4Events
1st Show Out Of Town Mlang Cotabato
Magician Illusion/Clownhost
Bubbles show/ Face Painter
Tnx To My Client Mam Leny Vipinosa
2nd Show Northcrest Davao
Magician/Bubbles show/Hosting
Tnx Mam Keen Nabor
3rd Show Pampanga Lanang House party Tnx
Mam Arlene Host pre Cyrus Magician
4th PhotoBooth
Thank u Kaayu Sa Akung

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